Topless cycling

Yes, you read that right. It’s the new thing for this season, isn’t it?

Is it not?

Is it not?

Then why is this an advertisement on a website?

I came across this Sunday when I was looking for a pair of cycling shorts to go with my new birthday bike.

Why isn’t she wearing more clothes? She can’t ride a bike like that! And would it really detract from the advertising of the shorts if she wore a crop top or sports bra?

Look, with this one on the site, you can even have a slideshow of all seven photos of one pair of shorts.

Chain Reaction Cycles at Their Finest

Far be it from me to tell you how to run your ads, but let me assure you of one thing. As a woman in the market for cycling shorts, I will not buy them. Or really, all yours.

I took my significant budget for accessories for my new bike and went elsewhere.

Getting naked for the naked bike ride in London

The prospect of cycling 7 miles completely naked through central London has never really been on my “100 things to do before I die” list. By the way, it never happened in my nightmares. So I joined this year’s London Naked Bike Ride with a completely open mind and unsure of how much I would carry.

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I arrived at the starting point in Hyde Park and was soon happy with my boxers. So far, so comfortable, if a little cold. The people around me were busy body painting each other, listening to music, or having their pictures taken. There seemed to be no organization, and as more and more body parts were revealed, I deliberated what to do with the boxer shorts I was still wearing.

I knew my friend visiting from France would find it really funny if I put up with anything, and I also knew that running a cycling blog in London probably means going for it. After sending a few tweets, I dropped my boxers at my ankles, put them in my bag and went to the naked masses waiting to leave. I soon struck up a conversation with the naked cyclist next to me – a strange experience. Soon, I was eager to get started. Although, as you can imagine, a large crowd of cyclists trying to get through a tight road is a slow experience.

The streets leading to Hyde Park were packed with photographers, and this was the most daunting part of the drive. Luckily, I saw my friend from France and gave her a big smile as she waved and I grabbed a photo. If you sign up for the newsletter, you can get a copy of the photo.

Her big smile and driving on the open roads made me feel more at ease, and I soon enjoyed the fun atmosphere. The golden cyclists and the “safer bikes for grannies” painted on a person’s back were among the most beautiful sights. The favourite sight is, of course, a load of naked cyclists riding past Big Ben. Something that the tourists on the road found equally perplexing. for many, a much more interesting holiday snapshot.