Vienna Tour

Vienna Naked Bicycle Tour

Is it possible to sit naked and stylish on a bike? I was hoping to find the answer to this question at the Bare as You Dare ride in Vienna. But just as people started to frolic in their velo-nudity, a police officer came by and asked everyone to cover up. The cyclists cooperated, and there were no collisions. But there wasn’t much nudity either. The behaviour of the police confused me. In Vienna, public nudity is not uncommon at all; you can see women sunbathing topless in city parks and men lying on the grass with their bare buttocks visible to all. So why this objection to some pretty naked bikers? Perhaps an Austrian can inform me.

Nacktadler Demo Naked Bike Ride Critical Mass

Nevertheless, given the circumstances, the riders came through with flying colors. Red was a particularly popular choice for accessories: it works well with nudity as well as political messages. On the edge of the monument in the background, it says “Freedom for the European People” in Russian. This lovely couple placed delicate pink underwear next to industrial yellow safety clothing. With her turquoise helmet, leopard print tie, and strappy sandals, this beauty clearly knows how to accessorise black knickers. A gentleman and his racing bike. a Veniaitan shade of red, which looks stunning with grass green body paint.

Naked Bike Ride Critical Mass

The most notable participant in the ride was a lovely lady in nude underwear riding a stacked bicycle. She chose not to post a close-up photo on the internet, but trust me—she was beautiful! Is it possible to sit naked and stylish on a bike? I think that it A bicycle is extremely flattering for the human figure: it tightens all the right muscles, elongates the body and encourages good posture. It would be interesting to see a real naked bike ride without police censorship.